18 September, 2012

Shradhanjali Sabha for Ma.Sudarshanji held at Bhagyangar

The Shradhanjali Sabha for Maa.Sudarshanji was held at Bhagyangar ( Hyderabad ) on 16th Sept 2012.

Over 750 Swayamsevaks, Sevikas and other well wishers of Sangh attended the Sabha.

Among the people who spoke on the occasion were

Pu.Swami Kamalananda spoke about how people like Sudarshanji brought Paramatma Tatva to the physical world with a new Rasa called Aatmiyata. He also explained how Sudarshanji was instrumental in the 'Devalaya Parirakshana" work in Andhra Pradesh. He also explained the personal experiences he had in Andaman & Nicobar islands where he lived with Sudarshanji for 20 days in his purva ashrama as a Sangh Pracharak.

Sri T.V.Narayana, (A.P. Public Service Commission Member ) and actively involved in Samajik Samarasta work. He was the Chief Guest in the Vijayadashmi program at Nagpur a few years back and had close association with Sudarshanji. He reflected about the untiring work that Sudarshanji showed for Samajik Samarasta.

Sri R.Krishnaniah - A.P. Backward Classes Welfare Association President spoke about how Sudarshanji inspired him to work for the Hindu Dharma and to build awareness of all castes about the greatness of Hindu Dharma.

Maa. Sita Akka, Pramukh Karyavahika of Rashtra Sevika Samiti spoke about how even as a young Sevika, Sudarshanji demonstrated the need for "Atma Rakshan prayogs" in Samiti. The various aspects in Rashtra Sevika Samiti today is based on the advise of Sudarshanji.

Smt.Dr.Anjali, niece of Sudarshanji said inspite of his busy schedule, he would make it a point to spend some time with her family whenever he visited Hyderabad...Otherwise he would atleast make a call. Though he was a great man, he was always a "Maama" to them.

Dr.C.S.R. Prabhu, Addnl Dir General National Informatics Centre said that his association with Sudarshanji began while doing research on alloys from Bharadwaj Vimaana Shastra. Sudarshanji gave him a lot of encouragement and in fact also gave suggestions on various scientific papers that he was presenting related to Bharatiya sciences.

Sri T.S.Rao, former DGP, AP Police talked about the comprehensive outlook that Sudarshanji had towards the security of the nation.

Sri Venkaiah Naidu ( Former MP), Sri Dattatreya ( Former MP) & Sri Kishen Reddy, ( MLA & BJP President) spoke about his contribution at personal level as well in giving thoughts to the BJP.

Maa. Deshmukhji, Kshetra Sanghachalak talked about the love and affection that Sudarshanji shared with all swayamsevaks, his role while teaching swayamsevaks.

Sri Ekka Sekharji, Prantha Karyavah spoke about how Sudarshanji gave us all direction about what we should be doing by taking up work as a 'Saayam Shaka Paalak" after relinquishing his responsibility as Pu.Sarsanghachalak. Great people have the ability to inspire through action and Sudarshanji set that example that inspite of looking at all the problems in the world, we must never forget that the future of our work lies in Baala work.

Other dignitaries from Saraswati Vidyapeeth, BMS & ABVP.

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