04 August, 2015

Decoding theories on Netaji’s death with Anuj Dhar

That the Nehru government snooped on Subhas Chandra Bose’s family for 20 years (1948-1968) has brought to the  fore the issue of declassification of Netaji files which supposedly has secrets about Netaji’s death.
These revelations were made when classified files on Bose were accessed by Anuj Dhar, author of the book ‘India’s Biggest Cover-up’.
The government of India had declared Netaji dead in a plane crash in 1945. Why was then Nehru keeping an eye on his family even long after his death?

Netaji’s Indian National Army’s treasure was looted and it has been revealed that Nehru knew about it and did nothing to stop it or inquire into it.
These developments raise many questions and indicate towards the various theories about Netaji’s death.
These and many other theories all of us have heard since our childhood about how Netaji didn’t die in a plane crash in 1945.
While we pass it as a footnote, journalist Anuj Dhar couldn’t. He made it his mission to uncover the truth behind Netaji’s death. He has been researching Netaji Bose for over a decade now. He has written several books on the issue.
Interestingly, he claims that the Government has over 70000 pages of classified documents on Netaji’s death.
What makes it even more intriguing is the fact that it’s been almost 70 years since Netaji allegedly died and despite the demands for declassification of files on him from several quarters, the successive governments have been reluctant to do so. The rules say that any classified document can automatically be declassified in 30 years.
What is it in those documents that the government is so afraid of?
In conversation with me, Anuj Dhar speaks his mind on Netaji’s death, allegations against Nehru, demand for declassification of Netaji files, and more.

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