22 June, 2016

Balagokulam Kids Perform Flash Yoga At Hitech City, Hyderabad

Balagokulams in Hyderabad celebrated 2nd International Yoga Day on 21 June-2016,  in a grand way. There were events conducted at more than 20 locations across the city. 

Over 1000 children and 400 adults attended these events. The activities across at various locations include Yogasanas, Surya Namaskar, Talk on Significance of Yoga & its health benefits.  

The highlight of the day was Flash Yoga performance by 50 Balagokulam children in InOrbit Mall near Hitech City.

Children demonstrated amazing Yoga postures and Surya Namaskars with melodious music in the background, taking the Mall visitors positively surprised.

The children representing Satyam Heights, Reliance Paradise and Ashok Nagar Balagokulam centers were highly successful in encouraging the visitors to inculcate Yoga in their daily life.

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