27 July, 2016

Balagokulam Celebrates Kargil Vijay Diwas in Hi-Tech City

July 26th, 2016 

Balagokulams in Hyderabad celebrated Kargil Vijay Diwas paying tributes to the great Kargil heroes. This was to mark the immense success of 'Operation Vijay' 17 years back on 26th of July to regain possession of Kargil when it was illegally occupied by Pakistani army crossing LOC. 

Balagokulam has always played an important role in imparting samskaras to the children and inculcating pride for the nation. As a mark of celebrations of this historic day, Balagokulams across the city have conducted awareness drives in their respective areas involving children and Parents. 

Today Balagokulam children put up a breath taking performance in InOrbit Mall near Hitech city charging up the atmosphere full of patritism. Children demonstrated amazing Yogchap (lezim) formation and Dance with thrilling Vande Mataram song in the background, making the Mall visitors heart filled with emotions. The children representing PEBL city BG center were highly excited and thoroughly motivated the visitors.

The event was also attended by Kargil war veteran PK Niyogi and Bagpiper military band..

About Balagokulam - 

Balagokulam is an unique initiative to impart value education to children in fun-filled environment with the goal of imparting pride for nation and culture in the young sharp minds who form the fundamental pillar for our and world’s future. A typical Balagokulam session is about 1.5 hours conducted once a week with activities including Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Games, Patriotic Songs, Stories, Art work and so on. 

Currently there are 50 centers across the city of Hyderabad, mostly concentrating of gated communities. About 1500+ children attend these sessions across these centers on weekly basis. 

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