27 September, 2016

Institutions And Individuals Must Work In Tandem To Bring Social Transformation: Mukunda ji

On the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar’s125th Birth Anniversary & Birth Centenary of Pt. Deendayal Upadyaya ( the proponent of Integral Humanism of Ekatma Manava Darshan), RSS organised #BhagyanagarITSangamam  on 25th September, 2016 in Hyderabad. 

In-spite of continuous rains in Hyderabad, 565 swayamsevaks and well-wishers turned up for the occasion. This includes 365 swayamsevaks in new ganavesh and 200 athitis.

The chief speaker of the event was sri Sri C R Mukunda ji, RSS Akhila Bharatiya Sah-boudhik Pramukh.

Below are some of excerpts from his speech:

RSS has been working since 90 years with an objective of elevating our nation to pinnacle of glory. To achieve it, we have swayamsevaks working in several dimensions to bring transformation in all walks of our society.  IT Milans is one such initiative spread across 18 cities of the country. It follows the same patterns of daily shakas aimed at bringing positive and desired change in people that leads to transforming nation as per we desired.

Under IT Milans, the initiatives like Balagokulam, a platform for children to learn the Hindu value system and Sahayog Bharati that is focused on guiding job seekers, are bearing fruits after working for 10-15 years.
Lakhs of Swayamsevaks have been toiling at grass root level for years to bring a paradigm shift in the mindset of people, families, villages, bastis, communities and organisations.  For a strong nation like us, we need to bring positive change at both at individual and institutional level, lacing both with nationalistic view.

For social changes​,​ we have Vanavasi Kalyanashramam ​operating ​in almost 500 districts of the country working for the welfare of tribals. They work on offering education through Ekal Vidyalaya programme​.

Under Arogya Mitra Yojana, our people reach out to far and remote village and offer health and medical treatment where trace of government agencies is tough.

Samajika Samarastha platform works on bringing social harmony among different sects of our society. We are working on eradicating untouchability from all walks of life as per the call given by Pujya Sarsanghchalak ji.

​Initiatives like Kutumba Prabhodhan works to instill our age-old rich Hindu family system and pass it on to next generations with reassessment and review.

We have swayasevaks in the age group of 25-45 working in Gram Vikas with 104 rural development initiatives focused on uplifting the people living in rural villages in all walks of their day to day life.

ABVP, the largest student organisation, has initiated “Sarhad ko pranam” where thousands of youth visited areas which that share border with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. This kind of program was aimed at bringing awareness about borders among youth and their perennial vulnerability.

Swayamsevaks associated with Dharmajagaran focus primarily on spreading Hindu dharma and bring people back to fold of their mother religion, which they left for various reasons. In between 2003-2015, we have successfully brought back 2.75 lakh people back to folds of Hindu dharma. In Rajasthan alone we have brought over 15000 people into Hindu religion.

It’s a shared experience since independence that mere institutional changes in the governance do not bring the desired change in our society, change in individual is prerequisite for overall change which leads to evolution of a healthy and prosperous nation. 

​We need right coordination among institutions, society, and people to reach our objectives.  Recently, we have witnessed how a coordination among the institutions, society, and people have addressed severe water crisis in Latur, Maharastra.  

We digged channels for more than 5kms long to bring water into the city. In this mission, not only RSS people, several other Hindu organisations including Art-of-Living, Matha Amruthanandamayee, and many earnest Samaritans joined hands and ended up bringing positive and long lasting change.
Couple of months ago, our Hindu swayamsevaks living abroad successfully conducted a week long Shibir in London under tents, which was attended by 1900 people. In that, several global Hindu organisations working in England welcomed the leadership of RSS.

At present we can see the positive change in the intellectual arena too towards nationalist view and ideas. ​Since last 8-10 years, the preachers of Marxism, Secularism, and socialism are getting exposed with their dubious ideologies. The incidents like JNU are small when we compare with the overall visible change in the country​.​

​In the last 2 years, we received over 1 lakh new requests through ‘Join RSS”, an online initiative. The young generation wants to be part of Sangh. Society too is accepting the Sangh’s shaka methodology in transforming the country.

At present we can see the fast development and innovation of artificial intelligence. It is predicted that it will have huge influence on social behaviour of people in the near future. It is opportune time to make use of such technologies in right direction that are likely to play important and key role in our lives.

It is time to coordinate among institutional, social changes and bring the good people on board in right direction to reach our objectives by utilizing the demographic dividends. ​

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