03 October, 2016

Powerful But Precise

“It is inevitable, therefore, that in order to be able to contribute our unique knowledge to mankind in order to be able to live and strive for the unity and welfare of the world, we stand before the world as a self-confident, resurgent and mighty nation.”—Shri M S Golwalkar (Guruji), Our World Mission, Bunch of Thoughts, Sahitya Singhu Prakashan, Banglore.

Vijayadashmi arrived in Bharat even before the starting of Navaratri. The swift but punitive action by Bharatiya Armed Forces across the LoC has certainly brought delight for the billions of minds, not just because Bharat executed unprecedented surgical strikes but also the way message was conveyed to terrorists and their masters in Pakistan. Pakistan engaging in infiltration and terrorism to create nuisance for Bharat is not new. Bharat condemning such attempts at bilateral and multi-lateral level is also a usual practice. The heartening element is the way Bharat struck back as per ‘time and place of our choosing’ as Prime Minister Modi had warned and immaculate handling of the fallout. The operation needs to be lauded for at least three significant reasons. 

Since 1998, Pakistan has been engaging in nuclear blackmailing. Operation Parakram could not reach to the logical conclusion even after the direct attack on Bharat’s symbol of democracy. This time, though Prime Minister declared on the first day itself that the martyrdom of 18 soldiers would not go in vain and reiterated the same in more avenging tone in the Kozhikode rally, the general impression was that of avoiding any military options.  Attempt to address the people of Pakistan, fight against poverty, terror as the common enemy, all these clichéd narratives gave the impression of calming the public sentiment, Pakistan also took it at face value. On the background, (Director General of Military Operations) DGMO in coordination with other agencies under the guidance of National Security Advisor was planning for punitive action with escalation control. Pakistan on the one hand being in denial mode and on the other hand saying ‘if India attempts this again, Pakistan will retaliate’, clearly shows not only the confused but a shocking state of mind. The nuclear blackmailer got the shock therapy and terrorist outfits got the stern message.  

After well calibrated military operation, there is not a single reaction against Bharat. On the other hand, most of the neighbouring countries have hailed Bharat’s right to secure sovereignty and ensure security of the people. Internationally, barring China giving advice of bilateral talks, nobody even bothered to react. This shows the strength of Bharat’s diplomatic manoeuvring skills. This is also a tight slap for the critiques of Modi’s foreign visit, forgetting the fact that every small or big nation in the international community is important when you have to deal with the troubling neighbour like Pakistan, besides enhancing the investment potential.

Another most critical aspect of this operation is the exhibition of political will. Through the well crafted statement by the DGMO read in the joint press conference with Ministry of External Affairs articulated the rationale and objectives of the operation and also clarified that ‘We do not have any plans to continue’ but prepared to deal with the contingency. Bharatiya forces were always ready and showed their vigour in critical times, political will of the leadership was the differential factor. All political parties were taken into confidence and Chief Ministers of the bordering states were shared with necessary information. In tune with the collective resolve of all party meetings, no compromise on ‘national security’ is no longer just rhetoric but an exhibitory message.

The elimination of terror launch pads in a surgical manner certainly tells us the story of new and resurgent Bharat. For us as nation the concept of ‘power’ was never meant for dominating or exploiting others but always perceived as tool to serve the humanity. While celebrating Vijayadashmi, which is also a symbol of victory of truth over evil, we should also salute the brave soldiers and stand with the righteous leadership. At the same time, as evil is not completely eliminated, we should also resolve to play our own role for unity, integrity and security of the nation. Until then our world mission of Sarvepi Sukhinah Santu cannot be fulfilled. 

By  Prafulla Ketkar

Courtesy: Organiser

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