09 August, 2016

Stop Baiting RSS, Says BBC Icon Mark Tully

The Media and critics should stop blind criticism of RSS, said former BBC stalwart Mark Tully. He was speaking on the occasion of a book release titled “Modi & His Challenges”, penned by Rajiv Kumar.

BBC icon Mark Tully who was the voice and face of foreign media in India for many years, has welcomed the book saying that critics should stop RSS baiting and instead engage with it, endorsing a view that Rajiv Kumar expresses in the book.

Energy Minister Piyush Goyal was also present at book launch. Terming RSS as an organisation that focuses on reaching out to different segments of the society, particularly those in distress, he said RSS has never “told any of us that we have to either like or dislike” any other community or any other person who practises any other religion.

‘Modi & His Challenges’ offers a frank assessment of the Modi government over the past two years. It's comprehensive in not only identifying the challenges, but also explaining Modi's approach, and suggesting some course correction.

Rajiv Kumar, senior fellow at CPR, is an economist and the author of several books on the Indian economy and India's national security. Dr Kumar is also chancellor of the Gokhale Institute of Economics and Politics in Pune and the founding director of Pahle India Foundation, a non-profit research organisation that specialises in policy-oriented research and analysis.

In an attempt to break the myths around Narendra Modi, the author attempts to take us through a journey of the leader's life, his political aspirations, his growth within the party, his remarkable stint in Gujarat and his performance over the last two years in Delhi.

The author identifies the many formidable challenges Modi faces as the leader of the world's largest democracy that is in the midst of a complex transition and recommends measures that Modi must implement to deliver on his promises, thereby enabling India to realize its true potential.

Courtesy: News Bharati

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