28 September, 2016

RSS And Several Hindu Organisations Leaders Arrested In Chennai

The government of Tamilnadu has arrested people belonging to RSS today, when they were trying to organise a protest rally demanding the government to take action against people behind recent attacks and killing of several activists belonging to Hindu organisations. 
The government has revoked the permission for the venue late last night; and also kept on changing the place of venue several times till night. Around 1200 men, women, transgenders took part in the 
protest.  RSS state.
RSS State Secretary (Uttar Tamilnadu) Shri Sambamurthy, Hindu Munnani Organiser Shri Bakthavatsalam, Sevabharati Pramuk Shri Ramarajasekar, Sevabharati Sankatan Mantri Shri Srinivasan, BJP State President Thamizisai Soundararajan, BJP National Member H Raja, Shri Veerabahu-Editor, Vijayabharatham, were arrested. 
On September 22, Hindu Munnani Coimbatore spokesperson Sasikumar (36) was brutally murdered by miscreants at night.
It is to be remembered that when a siege protest demo was organized by various outfits in front of RSS Headquarters recently, permission was granted to carry their protest demo.  But today even the mike was not allowed to address the gathering and raising slogans was banned.


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