12 August, 2016

Facts Behind Alleged Attack On SC (Dalit) Youth In Andhra

According to an eyewitness, Sri Shivarama Krishna, Govt school teacher, opportunists twisted the fight between two Madiga (Scheduled Castes) families for their political gains. 

He says there is no role of ‘caste’ in attacking the ‘Madiga (scheduled caste) community members in Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh.

The surrounding areas of Amalapuram are witnessing an increase of missing cow cases particularly in the last 4 months. People belonging to all caste and religions were victims to this cow theft.

Due to this villagers were angry and questioning every suspect irrespective of caste and religion whenever they are in doubt. Villagers are leaving such suspects after confirming their whereabouts.

In the midst of all this, the concerned villagers have already informed families who are involved into animal skinning business. They requested them to inform if they sense any suspicion on dead animals before skinning. These 12 families were residents of Janakipeta and they were divided into groups due to some family rivalry.

On Monday, a local villager Arvind approached Mokati Elisha and Lazarus and asked them to skin his cow that died due to electrocution. To do this work, both Elisha and Lazarus reached the crematorium located between Sudhipalem and Battupalem villages.

But this crematorium was in the possession of Yarlagadda Yesurathnam, who also belongs to Janakipeta. But, Yesurathnam never allows others into his premises.

Mokati Elisha and Lazarus belong to one group and Yarlagadda Yesurathnam belongs to other, and they both have some family disputes for long time.

By seeing Mokati Elisha and Lazarus skinning the dead cow in his premises, Yesurathnam became angry and thought it is right time to take revenge against them.

Immediately, Yesurathnam approached members of local Gowda Community who were already 
searching for their lost cows and complained to them that Mokati Elisha and Lazarus are skinning their stolen cows.

Once this news of skinning cows spread, all villagers irrespective of caste and political affiliations (No BJP member in this group) came together and severely beat those three members.

The facts of this total episode are:
1. Stealing the cows
2. Rivalry between two families.
3. Beating people perceiving them to be thieves.

By ignoring all these, on whose interests the facts were twisted and called it as “Gou Raksha brigades ( Cow vigilante groups)”, “attack on Scheduled caste”?

Even the Parliament was mislead by this wrong reporting.

Is it to distance the scheduled brothers from Hindutva and to blame RSS and its inspired organizations?

It is requested to report the facts and do not mislead the citizens of this country.

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